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(She Wanted to be Named) Rebecca

The fascination with appearances and societal roles intensifies with age. In my series (She wanted to be named) Rebecca, I explore my mother through various characters.

By photographing my mother, I am distinctively photographing myself.
The closer I look, the more I recognize myself in her. This is
simultaneously both painful and fascinating.

In this self-reflective series, I am reconstructing my mother in a society
that allows the very limited field of gender expression. Intimate and
playful dress-up, incorporating gestures and costumes which I find
speak volumes about her character.

Name :

Sonya Mantere

Country :


Project :

(She Wanted to be Named) Rebecca

Residency :


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Year :


Grants :

2023 Kone Foundation
2022 Aalto Media Grant
2022 Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2021 Aalto Media Grant
2021 Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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