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Skrítið land_ political landscapes

This project continues my line of work entitled “Strange Country”, which comes from David Lowenthal's book “The past is a foreign country”, using “strange” and “foreign” interchangeably as if they were synonymous.

“Skrítið land_about political landscapes” is the body of work that I developed during my residency at SIM and whose material result is an installation that includes a textile work made from clothes found in local second-hand markets, two torn-up books and intervened with oil pastel, and two plexiglass pieces hand carved in drypoint style.

During this residence, highly affected by the place, its light, and its uncanny white peace, I played with the idea of landscape as a horizon of meaning and its relationship with a shredded memory. I started from two second-hand books found in Reykjavik as base files: one of them on the political life of the first years after the independence of Iceland (1940-1960 approximately) and the other on images of the Icelandic landscape taken during the same historical period - a period that obsesses me and that I relate directly to my family history. From these books, I built a universe of images where names, details, and faces are lost to create a new horizon, a landscape resulting from a familiar space that becomes strange, and fictional when it is told or read,
when it is remembered.

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Elian Stolarsky

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Skrítið land_ political landscapes

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