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Signs of Life

During my residency at SIM, I was captivated by the intense power of the Icelandic landscape and the creatures that call this unique land home. I spent my time immersing myself in the landscape and met with a local biologist who studies microorganisms that thrive in this extreme environment, also known as extremophiles.

‘Signs of Life’ is inspired by the resiliency of nature and examines how life flourishes even in the most hostile of conditions on Earth, like inside volcanic rock and hydrothermal vents. Using recycled laboratory equipment, found materials, mixed media, and paper, a new landscape emerged from my studio, making the invisible microbial work visible. Water is an essential element to all life on Earth, and in this work, you can experience water bubbling, dripping, splashing, and circulating amid the installation, paving way for existence.

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Amy Wetsch

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Signs of Life

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