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Imaginary hola-í-höggi

“Imaginary hola-í-höggi” is a project based on archives and imagination by using aluminum foil to wrap the found golf ball at the seashore and to make trophies (replicate of my father’s old trophy from his hole-in-one in 2004) to connect the whole narratives (and my father) from research on site. The outcome of this project was presented as an archive-liked exhibition.

My father is a golf lover for more than 20 years, it’s a sport that I felt closed yet so close that I couldn’t really get to know it.

Hole-in-one: (in Icelandic, hola-í-höggi)
A very rare moment in life for every golf player that involves one’s luck, which I found it (the moment) fascinating.

Hole 6:
The golf course at Korpúlfsstaðir hole number 6 happens to be the one hits the most hole-in-one in Iceland from the statistics by hole-in-one club Reykjavík.

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Ching-Yu Cheng

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Imaginary hola-í-höggi

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