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Golden Dip

Do you feel unsatisfied right now? Have you thought about joining or leaving a group? Do you desire to be someone else or nothing at all? If you answered yes or maybe to any of these questions, there might be something for you in the Golden Dip. We are in an accelerating and collective period of spiritual hydration. Our bodies and the objects that surround them have a unique, time-sensitive opportunity to undergo elemental transition and you can be a part of this global shift. The earth needs you to lay your hands on some things in order to help facilitate the delicate process of sacred plunging into the depths of the divine and eternal change. Join us for a transmutational journey into a state of nothing or anything that you most desire most.

Materials: artists’ bodies, water (Krosslaug hot pot), gold paint, cyanotype fabric, ritual book, LYSI fish oil, table, Sadie's bedroom chair, frames, video stills, photographs, Hanes boyfriend briefs, onlyfans account, google business account, website, hair, a flower

Name :

Seeker I (Christalena Hughmanik) Seeker II (Sadie Cook)

Country :

United States

Project :

Golden Dip

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