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Faint Harmonic Tremor pt.II

The image series “Pairs” and the audio-visual performance “Water Organ” conceived during the Sím Artist-Residency 2024, are part of a series of experimental processes that serves as preparation for a planned video installation (Faint Harmonic Tremor pt.II) featuring sonic compositions, LED mesh, selected objects and photographic images. It examines the delicate equilibrium between human activity and nature in the context of the Icelandic landscape. These processes also allow for further exploration into concepts such as deep time, mythology, rituals and the underlying dynamics of the Anthropocene. The research material has been informed by scientific approaches, mythological rituals and gestures that can be reinterpreted to express resilience against the global climate crisis.

Name :

Maike Zimmermann

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Project :

Faint Harmonic Tremor pt.II

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Grants :

Funded by the European Union and the Goethe-Institut

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