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Bodies of Liquid

Bodies unfamiliar to me on the shore. Slimy but strong.
I took some with me and made plaster moulds of them.

According to the myth, if you lay gold under the Heath snake, the gold will grow.
But then the snake grew instead and became the monster of the lake.

And I heard that the seals are cursed humans.

Or maybe humans are cursed seals.

It is hard to tell.

You are welcome to use the syringes.

Press gently.

Bodies of Liquid is an interactive installation that consists of silicon, syringes and tubes. In this process Laura Dahlberg has developed a technique for soft objects to move by changing the air pressure inside them. With this installation she explores the fluid borders between living and non-living beings.

Name :

Laura Dahlberg

Country :


Project :

Bodies of Liquid

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Grants :

Nordic-Baltic mobility programme for Culture

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