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Baby Whale / Silent Spring

My artistic practise deals with love, empathy and the relationship between human and non-human. I approach the ecological catastrophe and animal rights through the emotions they awaken. The work reflects the aesthetics of Western consumer culture, so familiar to us all. I draw inspiration from posthumanism and ecofeminism.

In the exhibition Silent Spring at Hafnarborg Museum I present three bodies of work – Baby Whale, Goods and Pai´s Funeral. Pai’s funeral is a loving funeral ritual for a human-made hybrid aquarium fish. Goods consist of plastic bags and Icelandic stones. Baby Whale is made site-specific for Hafnarborg. It is a shrine that explores co-existence and companionship between human-beings and non-human nature. I wanted to crochet a baby sperm whale true to its size. All the works deal with guilt and shame, but also love and hope for a better future. Collaborating with my teenager daughter and niece I highlight the fact that our children have to deal with the catastrophe we are leaving to them.

In the joint exhibition​ Silent Spring, I worked in collaboration with artists Lilja Birgisdóttir and Katrín Elvarsdóttir and curator Daría Sól Andrews, our thought-processes distinct yet subtly intertwined.

Silent Spring at Hafnarborg, Hafnarfjörður
January 18th - March 15th 2020

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Hertta Kiiski

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Baby Whale / Silent Spring

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