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Af hverju er orðið “manos” kvenkyns?

This on-going project contraposes two different understandings of the body and the witch in Medieval times: the Spanish and the Icelandic perspectives. Half of these images were shot using a toy medium format camera. The other half are variations of the originals that were modified using the machine learning model Dall•e 2. The program finds an unfiltered way to overlay two histories that, at first sight, do not have much in common. Dall•e 2 generates a photographic speculative ecology where two different attacks on the body coalesce. By referencing back to the original image, the project acknowledges the risks of artificial intelligence and puts to test the photographer’s ability to surrender control.

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Coral Pereda

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Af hverju er orðið “manos” kvenkyns?

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July - August

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