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Ab_Gott: Korpúlfsstaðir Golf Course

Ab_Gott proposes an artistic resemantization of nonhuman objects and spaces, criticizing an anthropocentric perspective and instead inventing an extinction cult. Our research focuses on consumables subordinated to humans but surviving them, so as to propose a new relational approach to natural and artificial matter and the concept of waste.

The Korpúlfsstaðir Golf Course project questions the concept of time as understood at the human scale to embrace a speculation on reality centered on objects that will survive our extinction.

In order to tell the story of how a common everyday object made of plastic material can become a future fossil, our archaeology imagines two storytelling tools: the trace of the object's surface and the base frequency of the environment that hosts and dialogues with it.

Ab_Gott is composed of Marco Garofalo and Gianluca Patrizi

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Gianluca Patrizi & Marco Garofalo

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Ab_Gott: Korpúlfsstaðir Golf Course

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