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A Recognition of the Connections Between Events

At SIM Residency, Seljavegur, a week into the unthinkable war and displacement in Ukraine, and with little hope for a return to peace, news of an event circulated (which had a profound impact on my initial proposed work plans), a gathering, a peaceful protest, a SINGING FOR UKRAINE, by local people was to take place, outside the Russian Consulate, at Gardarstraeti. Following this event, repeatedly listening to the recording of the song for Ukraine, I began giving form, (through the exposition of materials to hand), to ideas of the human condition, of being on the move, of shifts between the expected and the unanticipated, of adapting to difference, of seeking the familiar in a foreign landscape, of building new connections. Through this process, abstract hybrid sculptures, paintings and performance works evolved, a response to place, a recognition of the connections between events.

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Susan Buttner

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A Recognition of the Connections Between Events

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