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The rhythm of the impermanent

“The rhythm of the impermanent” is the creative result of an investigation into the sonic and performative possibilities of the northern lights. In this process three guiding experiences were connected - the meaning of death, love and the passage of time. The outcome of this idea was translated into five different outputs.

A composition of three soundscapes was created (featuring vocals by an artist Liisi Kouhkna) using field recordings and that's part of an album called "Viajar - Að ferðast". This also included digitally intervened photographic records, a video poem using one of the aforementioned soundscapes along with a poetic text and various audiovisual recordings.
An installation-homage for the artist and shaman Cheto Castellano entitled the Sound of the Impermanent. The content of the piece was a correspondence between the spectrographic visualisation of the sound of the Northern Lights, their visible manifestation in the atmosphere as part of a constant flow. A live performance took place using the field recordings of the aurora borealis phenomena with the manipulation of analogue electroacoustic hardware.

This work was made possible by funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.